Sunday, October 19, 2014

why I love crocheting.

    There are so many reasons why I love crocheting. I don't know about anyone else but I would guess that most people crochet and knit for many of the same reasons.

1) Crocheting is therapeutic. I am a mother of 3. I am currently homeschooling my first 6 year old daughter and it is stressful.      When I put that hook in my hand and I have a project and yarn I have a sense of purpose. To create something and  at the same time there is a sense of relaxation amidst the chaos in my home.

2)I love to create new things. I might not be able to paint a masterpiece or build an amazing structure with my own two hands but creating something from a ball of yarn makes me feel so good. Not only can I make hats and scarves and blankets for myself family and friends. But just the final moment of seeing my creation brings a sense of satisfaction. And this satisfaction comes at a small price. Just some yarns and certain tools can be really expensive but for the most part you can start this hobby inexpensively.
  I go to a lot of the big stores to get my supplies like Michaels, Joann's and even Walmart. When I get a chance I go to my local yarn shop they have some of the most beautiful luscious yarns available. What I like about the store is  that its just yarns and crocheting and knitting.  I can't afford all the expensive yarns but they have a clearance section. So at a fraction of the cost I am buying really good quality yarn.
When I first  started crocheting I tried to make my daughter a blanket and it is not a beautiful sight but now I have made hats, blanket, scarves, washcloth and most things I have a desire to make. I can pretty much follow an intermediate pattern on crocheting.
   It's pretty cool to see how far I have come from when I started about 10 or 12 years ago. Now I can just pick up a hook and decide what I want to make.

 3) This third reason kind of wraps up my 1st 2 reasons its that crochering keeps me occupied. It feels good to be able to whip up something useful or fun while watching TV or just sitting down having coffee. Or if I'm laying in bed and I can't go to sleep yet. This reminds me of a article I read about a young lady who crocheted her wedding dress for roughly $30 on the bus.
I don't know where she was going but I love the fact that you can crochet anywhere you go. I'm teaching myself to sew and I can't take my sewing machine everywhere. I could probably hand so but still not the same. With crocheting I can go so many places and still work on my project. I can go to the park, the library, the coffee shop even while riding in the car or bus.
   There may be more reasons why I love to crochet these are my top 3. What are some of your reasons? Why do you love to crochet or knit.?
   You can see some of my finished projects on  I will try to post some more pics of the work I have done.
   Comment below and share your reasons for crocheting.  Why do you love to do it? Are you the oddball like me?
I would love to read about it.

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