Saturday, October 25, 2014

Two Romances Infinity scarf

This is my first pattern. I have looked at many infinty scarves and have been so inspired. Sometimes it seems so hard to figure put exactly what you want to make. Especially considering what kinds of yarn you want to use and obviously your own personal taste.
This is my two toned scarf. I got this yan at hobby lobby. It is a blend of bamboo and acrylic.   It is so soft.
I used one skein for each color and I alternated colors as well. 

This scarf is so soft and the yarn is easy to work with. I can easily wrap the scarf two times around me. Even three times if I want. 
This is my first pattern so please be patient. 
If you make this pattern please link to me and show me how you made it and what colors you used.  

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