Saturday, October 18, 2014

Not buying new yarn for the rest of the month.

     Not only has my yarn stash gotten bigger and bigger . But I also need to save some money so I have set out to work with what I have. I have to go back and try to finish the projects I set out to do. No longer will I covet the beautiful yarn I see at the store. Or the soft chunky cowl pattern I saw on
      I hope this challenges me to do something new. I need to make my baby girl a new blanket and I need to finish knitting my husbands hat. (😕) That's how I feel about knitting a hat. Just a little bit frustrating.

   Right now I am working on a headband/ear warmer.  (Once again ignoring my lovely handsome husbands request for a knitted hat) I am using Rocky N.Y. Yarn.  I bought it at a local yarn store in the clearance section. They have the most amazing yarn but it can be expensive.
This the headband I am working on. I was inspired by the pattern from It is the cinched ear warmer headband. My issue with crocheted headbands that I have made for myself before is that they become too loose. So I have to change things a bit to fit my head. I have very thick hair so things do not fit so easily on my head. 
We will see the turnout. Will post a pic of it soon.
Here it is. I changed it a bit. I made it smaller and instead of cinching it I wrapped some yarn over the center. I like it. I will design my own next time. 

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