Saturday, January 3, 2015

The perfect Ribbed Crochet Hat.

     The wonders of crocheting. I have been looking far and wide for the perfect crochet ribbed hat that looks and feels knitted.  Many crochet hats stretch and don't return to its original size.
I went om ravelry and youtube. And this is what I have made so far
              This one I found a video on youtube by Yolanda Soto Lopez.
I took her idea and adjusted it for my baby. I love how its stretches and goes right back. Its extremely soft and I like rolling it up. This hat is done in the round with front and back double posts.

Same hat unrolled. Still cute.

This hat I found on .ravelry    Its not made in the round but sewn together creating an invisible seam. This hat is done in half double crochets in the back loop, giving it that ribbed look.

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Same hat on my baby girl.

       I made a black one for my father from the second pattern, just not pictured because I quickly sent it off for Christmas, and he loved it. I am going to make some more ribbed hats because they are just an awesome hat to have.  I will also be experimenting with more patterns and colors so that I can come up with my own pattern.
    Happy Crocheting. There's nothing like it.