Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Crochet Gift Ideas.

It is hard to find the right gift for Christmas. This year I aim to crochet, and sew most of my gifts. I love being able to spend time making something special for a person I love.
For my mother a hat and pair of fingerless gloves.

It is such a special time sitting down and thinking of the person who I am making the gift for. It is not a quick what may they like shopping trip. Its a well thought out made by my hands gift. 

For one of my very good friends. She needed potholders. I hope she likes them.I also made a crochet towel topper so she can hang in her kitchen.
Crochet ribbed pom pom hat for my neices. 
So soft. Hope they love it.

I made a crochet ribbed hat for my father. And now I am making some ribbed pom pom hats for my nieces and daughters. 

This is a great time of the year to celebrate Christmas and also share with others my craft.
What other great gifts do you make for Christmas?