Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crocheting All things Warm and Cozy.

I am on a mission to keep my family warm and cozy and to feed my crocheting obsession.  I have made hats, scarves, and cowls.

I am working on a new hat that I found on divine hat.
Here is my first Divine Hat. It is beautiful, I have a bigger head than your average person. I used an h hook all the way through and I used a sc band. I read that the hat stretched too much otherwise. I am also thinking of adding a stretchy fabric to the band if it widens to much.

This is my favorite hat that I have made so far. made me love crocheting all over again. I am going to make it in Red Heart unforgettable stained glass next time. I can not wait to show you.

Here I made a hat and scarf for my daughter. I used another pattern from ravelry. Its the ups-and-downs crochet slouchy beanie. It was fun to make I then made a scarf to match. I made it up as I went.

     My husband really wanted a Hooded cowl. Something warm for the cold winter just waiting to hit us here. He loves it. It is made with Lion Brand Wool Ease. I also improvised and went along as I crochet. I had to frog it a couple of times before I got it exactly the way I wanted it. I am wearing it here.
I love it, I need to make one for myself.
I have also made my 3 year old son a ninja turtle hat and a scarf to go with.  When a picture that is not blurry I will show them to you.
I will keep adding my warm and cozy creations with you.
I hope you can find some warm things that you like that you can wear on these cold winter days.

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